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General Electric Is a leading international industrial company producing modern technological technologies , which manufactures all kinds of high-tech mechanical technology, from household appliances and industrial cooling devices , through the manufacture of aircraft engines and the manufacture of satellites

A giant American company headquartered in Fairfield, Connecticut, the world’s largest company in the technology industry of the world. It has over five hundred thousand scientists, researchers, engineers, technicians and workers. It is the world’s largest shareholder and leader in the fourth generation industrial revolution.

Why To Choose General Electric Egypt ?

general electric egypt

Because we are the maintenance of General Electric, we have many innovative solutions to maintain GE’s machines with the highest efficiency, fastest time for home maintenance, original spare parts, real certified warranty and the experience that makes us the best in maintenance .

We are specialists and innovators in the maintenance of General Electric Egypt machines in Egypt. We have annual and semi-annual maintenance contracts for General Electric Egypt machines in your company, factory or home. Just call the number shown in the subject and you will find us at your service immediately.

General Electric Egypt We are specialists and committed to connecting you to the nearest General Electric Egypt maintenance center for your area. We also ensure that the nearest maintenance center General Electric Telephone .

GE Authorized Repair centers are deployed throughout the Arab world, especially the Arab Republic of Egypt. Our duty towards our customers is to deliver them to the nearest General Electric Egypt maintenance center accredited to your place of residence.

General Electric Maintenance We are specialists and innovators in maintenance of General Electric Egypt machines in Egypt. We have annual and semi-annual maintenance contracts for General Electric Egypt machines in your company, factory or home. Just call the number shown in the subject and you will find us at your service immediately.

GE is keen to provide spare parts in the global market and to emphasize the ease of maintenance of General Electric Egypt appliances and the ease of installation or replacement of spare parts. GE’s spare parts are impossible to imitate for the development of technology used in the manufacture of General Electric Egypt components. It is very difficult and it is also very costly to cheat or imitate it, thus maintaining the age of the device and raising its efficiency .

All the company’s employees, technicians, technicians and engineers receive intensive training courses by the best foreign experts at GE, the United States, to train them to maintain all General Electric Egypt equipment with state-of-the-art fault detection equipment and maintain them safely and professionally. Process maintenance and free updates during the warranty period .

GE machines have a warranty of up to five years from the beginning of the use of the device, and the warranty must be signed and the device installed with our knowledge in order for the warranty to be valid, so it is very important to activate the warranty and ensure your right to maintain a comprehensive periodic device.

Dear General Electric Agent, Egypt: General Electric Maintenance Agent has the honor to receive the failure of General Electric Refrigerators in Egypt and carry out all maintenance work immediately , General Maintenance Center is the largest maintenance center in Egypt, where we work in the field of maintenance of household appliances and have the largest fleet of mobile maintenance covering all parts of the Republic to carry out maintenance work in the home, wherever you are through a group of experienced engineers and technicians trained to the highest level of quality , We have many innovative solutions for the maintenance of household appliances (washing machines, dishwashers, refrigerators, freezer, water heaters, gas, air conditioning, vacuum cleaners, microwave ovens, etc.). Make us the best in the maintenance of home appliances brand General Electric , The company also provides original spare parts and approved to ensure the highest level of quality of the product after maintenance and offer the original spare parts at special prices .

We are also distinguished in the maintenance of all electrical devices and ensure that you maintain your device efficiently and the maintenance center replaces replacement parts damaged by the original and this is not found in the maintenance of non-certified and guarantees you to get the original pieces with the guarantee of post-repair and maintenance.

General Electric Maintenance Center maintenance agent is responsible for leading and maintaining home appliance maintenance. The evaluation of General Electric maintenance customers is the best and General Electric Egypt’s maintenance agency seeks to provide the best and fastest maintenance service to all General Electric Egypt maintenance customers to make our customers feel comfortable and comfortable. Which we promised by all our clients and therefore we provided the best engineers and technicians who have the highest certificates in the field of maintenance of household appliances and subject to courses in the face of electronic and electrical faults both inside Egypt and outside Egypt with the provision of original spare parts with a guarantee for five years To raise and improve the company’s position all over the world with a General Electric Egypt customer service are present around the clock and seven days a week and you can communicate with General Electric Maintenance Center Egypt on No. General Electric Maintenance to send a service representative no later than 24 hours only from receipt of maintenance requests

For the convenience of General Electric Maintenance customers General Electric provides worldwide maintenance team for each country. There is a maintenance team in Egypt specialized in maintaining General Electric Egypt equipment and facing any malfunctions such as electrical appliances such as General Electric Egypt Air Conditioner, General Electric Refrigerators, General Electric Egypt Electric Washing Machines or Electronic Appliances General Electric Egypt maintenance center has an excellent team with extensive experience.

The General Electric Egypt maintenance team works 24 hours a day for all General Electric Egypt maintenance customers in Egypt all day. We try to provide General Electric Egypt maintenance service with the best possible picture. We have the satisfaction and confidence of General Electric Egypt maintenance customers in Egypt. We have provided a large team of service General Electric Egypt customers so that we do not put one of our customers on the waiting list like the rest of the companies. Therefore, General Electric’s customer service is the best in Egypt and GE’s maintenance customers can easily access General Electric’s power of attorney for all General Electric Egypt equipment.

GE Egypt

GE Egypt Group has a maintenance team in the Middle East in all countries of the world.  GE Egypt is the best team of engineers, technicians and maintenance experts. Firstly, they have long experience in all areas of maintenance of household appliances. Second, they have intensive certificates and courses. Help them to cope with various faults. Thirdly, the fastest service provided by any other maintenance center. The  GE Egypt Maintenance team has within 24 hours of registering your complaint through  GE Egypt customers. There are immediate maintenance requests in just 12 hours. Served Maintenance in Egypt, and Fourth, the use of the  GE Egypt Maintenance team to the latest devices to detect faults through the use of modern technology and the best equipment in the maintenance of faults that occur for GE equipment .

We have an internal maintenance team in the case of pulling the device to repair at the company premises and the device is withdrawn for several reasons, especially the failure of the motor, especially for the equipment of refrigerators  GE Egypt, in this case the device is withdrawn for several reasons, including the long period in the installation of the motor, which may be up to 8 hours Test for the new mator for 48 hours to check the quality of the installation, so the maintenance center of  GE Egypt resort to pull the device and the repair period is often not more than five days.

In most of the world, there are many branches of  GE Egypt maintenance, and the number of these branches vary according to the size of the country and the size of the pressure required for  GE Egypt. The company strives to provide the greatest comfort and comfort to all GE maintenance customers in all countries.  GE Egypt Egypt There are three main centers. The first is  GE Egypt Maintenance Center in Greater Cairo and the 2nd  GE Egypt Maintenance Center in Alexandria serves the entire maritime side known as the  GE Egypt Agency of Alexandria and the third branch maintenance of  GE Egypt in Assiut. Tribal .

GE has a very large number of specialists, engineers and technicians who have a long history and experience in the field of home maintenance. This is because the GE maintenance centers choose their employees with great interest and satisfaction with the best and following the coverage of the largest number of governorates The state of the Arab Republic of Egypt through the  GE Egypt Maintenance Centers in Cairo, the capital of Egypt, Giza, Alexandria and the rest of the governorates. The Foundation is currently increasing the number of qualified technicians to satisfy the customers of  GE Egypt maintenance in the Arab Republic of Egypt.  GE Egypt is satisfied with  GE Egypt’s customers through random assessments conducted by  GE Egypt’s customer service and found a luxurious response from the agents.

GE is continuously activating what is called the mobile maintenance fleet between the governorates as we said it is first of all to cover the largest amount of space within the governorates of the Arab Republic of Egypt and secondly to meet the grievances received by GE maintenance customers significantly and as soon as possible. The maintenance fleet is supported by engineers, technicians and all the tools that technicians may need to counter the failure of GE machines. If any of the faults are present in your system, you can contact the GE service to determine the timing of your home visit by phone number. Direct contact on the GE maintenance website or GE’s direct line .

At the forefront of the talk is no need to define the maintenance center of  GE Egypt and multi services, where the center provides the maintenance service of GE’s heterogeneous equipment by engineers and maintenance specialists  GE Egypt experienced in maintenance of household appliances and the owners of the highest certificates in the field of maintenance of electric appliances, The center renovated the new equipment both in the detection of faults or maintenance of the problem, relying on the maintenance of  GE Egypt represents a great amount for all our customers and then the institution has taken many decrees that make it easy to communicate with all the maintenance of  GE Egypt Noor by saving the maintenance number of  GE Egypt manual, which we receive the reports of faults from all our customers, whether in the capital or in other provinces where the main center controls the distribution of maintenance tasks and communications to the maintenance centers common from Alexandria to Aswan as easy as possible if there is a malfunction of your device, Communicate on GE maintenance numbers on our dedicated website .

The branches of  GE Egypt Maintenance Centers are deployed in all governorates without exception. The  GE Egypt Maintenance Center branch, if any, is located on the GE maintenance number. In order for the complaint to be changed to the maintenance center in the governorate, Governorates such as Cairo, the capital of Egypt and Giza and the maintenance center of  GE Egypt Alexandria to serve the Delta as a whole as well as the Western and the area of ​​southern Egypt, which is south of Egypt will find the branch of Minya and Assiut when the number of customers of  GE Egypt is enormous in the province is not established more than the branch maintenance center  GE Egypt in order to serve all the customers of the institution in an ideal and fast, which helps to maintain the prestige of the institution and improve the quality of the brand of  GE Egypt in the hearts and minds of customers in addition to the market share and can know the nearest branch of the maintenance of  GE Egypt in your province, whatever  GE Egypt maintenance numbers available at  GE Egypt Maintenance site.

​There shall be two branches for the maintenance of  GE Egypt in Cairo, the capital of Egypt and Giza. The  GE Egypt Maintenance Officer shall be present within 24 working hours if the grievance within your office is within the range of the Egyptian capital Cairo and Giza and the maintenance representative shall inform you within two business days. The maintenance branch of  GE Egypt in Alexandria and the maintenance centers are the best engineers and technicians in the maintenance of electrical appliances in Egypt. The company seeks to provide an excellent service that satisfies the customer satisfaction of  GE Egypt in Egypt or any country in the world. In all branches of  GE Egypt’s power of attorney,  GE Egypt is the capital of Greater Egypt and includes the Egyptian capital Cairo and Giza or the  GE Egypt Agency of Alexandria and North Egypt, as well as the  GE Egypt Assiut and Al Wajah power station, listening to opinions and evaluations of our customers and visitors. You will always give us all the notes that will make the  GE Egypt Maintenance Agent of the Arab Republic of Egypt the best service for the convenience of your presence and to upgrade the level and quantity of  GE Egypt sales in the Egyptian buying and selling market .

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